Jeanne McElvaney: Energy Healer and Self Empowerment Guide

You already have the answers.

I can help you find them.



If personal empowerment is your journey, you will find uncommon answers bubbling up in Jeanne's personal sessions, phone appointments, and group events. You'll find them tucked into her novels and self-help guides. In interactive, insightful energy experiences, inner wisdom becomes clear. Change is ignited. Self awareness becomes self-help. Intuition gives wings to courage.

Jeanne is able to see past the surface and deep into the root of the problem. Challenges are seen from a new perspective. Practical, life-changing tools are experienced.

"I want to feel like my authentic self."
"I want to experience energy work."
"I feel teary and don't know why."

Seekers of personal growth, those searching for personal happiness, and survivors of childhood abuse have all found an ally in Jeanne's compassionate, caring, and optimistic work!

You can contact Jeanne at: